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A Prague lover’s reading list

Prague literary tour and Prague books
Prague literary tour

These are just few books that a Prague lover may want to grab before heading to Prague or after getting back from your Prague literarary tour. We will be adding books but will be happy if you let us know of any treasures that you feel other Prague lovers should know of. Thank you! So here is your Prague lover’s reading list. And let’s go for a literary walk when you are in Prague.

Franz Kafka (1883 – 1924)

It is impossible to talk about 20th century literature in Prague without mentioning Franz Kafka. For those who would like to penetrate the mysterious world of this Prague born Jewish German-language writer, their reading list should include:

  • The Metamorphosis
  • The Trial
  • The Castle
  • America


Only a few of Kafka’s works were published during his lifetime but the publisher, Max Brod, ignored Kafka’s wish to have the manuscripts destroyed, and published most of his works. By the way, the Franz Kafka Muzeum in Prague is definitely worth a visit plus it is almost underneath the Charles Bridge, so convenient location, isn’t it….?

E.E. Kisch (1885 – 1948)

Czech writer and journalist, who wrote in German. Nicknamed the “Raging Reporter from Prague”, Kisch is considered one of the founders of the Czech investigative and reportage journalism. He wrote books about his numerous trips, such as:

  • Zaren, Popen, Bolschewiken (On the Soviet Union) (1926)
  • Paradies Amerika (On the United States) (1929)
  • Secret China (1933)

Franz Werfel (1890 – 1945)

Czech-Jewish novelist and playwright born in Prague, later moved to Vienna where he met and fell in love with Alma Mahler, widow of Gustav Mahler, the former lover of the painter Oskar Kokoschka, and the wife of the architect Walter Gropius. By the end of the nineteen-twenties, Werfel had become one of the most important and established writers in German and Austrian literature. Werfel and Alma left Austria after the German occupation in 1938 and finally settled in the United States where Werfel died in 1945. The beautiful, passionate Alma attracted a number of artists but also writers, so choose one of the books inspired by this  femme fataleContinue reading “A Prague lover’s reading list”

Prague Literary Tour


Prague literary tour
Prague, a traveler’s literary companion

Have you seen our Prague lover’s reading list

Prague literary tour is about a 2-hour walk highlighting the German Jewish and Czech literary and cultural centers in Prague at the end of 19th century until half of 20th century, talking about writers, journalists, theatres, Prague Bohemian life of that time, including famous cafes of Prague.

The tour starts at Old Town Square in Prague, continues through the cultural highlights of the New Town and goes back to Old Town Square, highlighting names such as Franz Kafka, Max Brod (Kafka’s publisher who saved most of Kafka’s manuscripts from burning it – as Kafka wished in his testament), E.E. Kisch (Czech-German-Jewish journalist), Franz Werfel (writer and late husband of Alma Mahler) who died in Beverly Hills in 1945, Gustav Meyrink (Golem), Jaroslav Hašek (Svejk), Karel Čapek , Milena Jesenská, Jaroslav Seifert, Josef Skvorecky, Milan Kundera, Václav Havel and more (let’s stop by at Na Zábradlí theatre where Havel worked as a backstage worker and plawright.

We may also glance into the famous Golden Tiger Pub, the second home of Bohumil Hrabal, author of award winning film Closely Watched Trains. You can also book a Bohumil Hrabal Tour in Prague. We can visit an old synagogue outside of the Prague center where Hrabal used to work as a stage hand of the theatre nextdoor. Have you read the Too Loud the Solitude, I served the King of England or Vita Nuova? Let’s visit the places that Hrabal describes in his books and a Tribute to Hrabal, a wall painted with all things that Hrabal loved, cats, his typing machine …. Check the English translations of Bohumil Hrabal books on Amazon

Finally, if you are a fan of The Seven Churches: A gothic novel of Prague by Milos Urban, we can follow the steps of Matyas Gmund and Kvetoslav Svach and visit Prague New Town and its churches.



What the literature enthusiasts say about literary tour with Prague Travel Concierge
Just a big Thank You for the fabulous 2 hours you spent with us, your knowledge and passion really made our trip worthwhile, and our tour was the highlight of our days in the beautiful city of Prague. Andrej H.