Dvorak 2

Vysoka, a place of Dvorak’s inpiration for Rusalka

Dvorak 2Antonin Dvorak is without doubt, one of the great composers. If you want to follow his footprints, one of the best places to visit is Vysoka, a small village close to Pribram (just an hour by car from Prague), where Antonin Dvorak spent his summers and composed some of his masterpieces, including the opera Rusalka. There are two houses here connected to Dvorak, one, a mansion, once owned by Count Kounic, hosted Dvorak and his family. Today, this neo-renaissance villa is the Antonin Dvorak memorial devoted to his work and life. You can walk around this little chateau and immerse yourself in Dvorak’s world of music. The other house is a private villa “Rusalka”, today owned by the Dvorak family. Although it is not open to the public, we will be happy to arrange a private visit to the house. If we are lucky, we might meet Mr. Antonin Dvorak III, the grandson of the composer. This place feels like Dvorak left just a few minutes ago to walk to church in a village nearby. Dvorak’s desk, his hat and pipe, books, manuscripts, letters, photos, they are all there. The bench in front of the house, the garden with trees planted by Antonin Dvorak at the time when he composed the opera Jakobin, and so much more. The house itself is in almost the same condition as when Antonin Dvorak lived here, more than a hundred years ago.

Image source: Vysoka on Wikipedia

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Interested in architecture or literary tour of Prague? Follow the footprints of Vaclav Havel, see the Bohumil Hrabal‘s art wall or sip coffee at cafes where Franz Kafka used to meet his friends. We will take you to the church where Mozart played organ or theatre where Mozart conducted the premiere of Don Giovanni. We know places in Prague that even some Praguers do not know about. Anything else…?

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