Prague helpful tips

What is a good one day trip from Prague?

UNESCO World Heritage Site, medieval city Kutna Hora is about 80 minutes by car or by by bus and Cesky Krumlov is managable in one day but you will be exhausted. Better to have two days to really enjoy it. It is about 3 hours by car or by bus. Brno is worth a trip if you like modernist architecture and you would like to see the famous Villa Tugendhat. Approx. 2 hours by car or by train. You can easily go to Dresden – 2 hours by car or Nurnberg (2,5 hours by car) in Germany, Vienna is about 4 hours by car or by train. There is also a good train connection to both cities.

What other countries is good to explore when traveling to Czech Republic?

Austria, Hungary, Poland, Germany.

How do I get from the airport to Prague center?

You can get to the center by taxi, bus and subway. You can get some basic information at the Prague Airport. However, it is not so easy, it also depends how you feel about getting on the bus and subway on your way to Prague center. Be very careful about the taxi drivers in front of the airport arrival hall. Even Czechs are usually calling for a non-airport cabs to make sure “that the taxi is not more expensive than the air ticket.”
We will be happy to pick you up at the airport and take you directly to your hotel by car for a fixed price. Contact us for details.

Prague Public Transportation

You can buy a one day (110 CZK) or three day pass (310 CZK) to get around Prague easily on subway, tram and bus – read more info about Prague transportation. The passes are sold at the main subway stations.
You can also buy a ticket by your cell phone – you just send the text message DPT24 (30 minutes for 24 Czech Crowns) or DPT32 (90 minutes) or DPT110 (for 24 hours) or DPT310 (for 72 hours) to local telephone number 90206 from a local prepaid sim card and the ticket codes arrives on your cell. More info

What is a good taxi service in Prague?

Tick Tack Taxi  telephone number 14222

AAA Taxi telephone number 14014

Be careful about the cabs waiting in the street, always ask for the price in advance.

Overnight laundromat in center of Prague
Karoliny Svetle street No. 11, it is almost underneath Cafe Slavia. Facing the entrance to Cafe Slavia, look for a passage through the buildings (yes it is not very appealing passage) cut through the passage and turn to right, you will reach the Laundromat on the corner. Check the other corner and the Kavka Art Bookstore – as a reward for going through the passage. Good service, overnight cleaning.

Money  and Credit Cards
ATMs are common in Prague and you can get cash easily. In Czech, an ATM is called “bankomat” and you can get cash easily.  It is a good idea to inform your credit card company before you travel internationally. Otherwise, the credit card company may put a hold on your card due to unusual activity. Please have all your phone numbers to call in case of lost card.  VISA and Mastercard are the mainly accepted credit cards with American Express and Diners Club accepted in hotels, restaurants and shops.

Pharmacies in Prague are well stocked with prescription and non-prescription drugs, although you may have trouble persuading a Czech pharmacist to fill in a foreign prescription. It’s best to bring from home all of the prescribed medications you may need during your trip.


We recommend buying comprehensive travel insurance before you go and checking what circumstances and activities are not covered by your insurance policy.  

The electrical current in Europe is 220 volts, wall outlets generally take plugs with two round prongs. Having an universal adapter with several types of plugs may be very helpful, making your life in Prague easier.

Internet and telephone

Internet is widely available at hotels and free Wi-Fi is available at many cafes.  You may ask your telco provider if you can get a local SIM card for your cell phone. Otherwise calling internationally from Prague may be quite expensive.  When dialing out of the country, the country code is 1 for the United States. To dial overseas directly, first dial 00 and then the country code of the country you are calling. A call to United States would begin 001 followed by the US area code and number.


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