Travel & Learn Music

You may never have thought about yourself as a singer or musician but what if … you travel to Prague and learn music. You always wanted to sing or play that musical instrument better, but just didn`t have time. Now is the time to follow your music dream or passion. Come to Prague and learn with music professionals. It can be a life-changing experience; you may discover a whole new you.

In addition to showing you the music & art face of the city, we will introduce you to soloists of the National Opera in Prague to work with you in voice lessons, and to leading instrumentalists to improve your technical skills. Whether it’s singing songs, Mozart arias or any other classical music repertoire that you have a lust for, the joy of trying and improving your music skills is both wonderful and rewarding challenge. Come to Prague and learn music!

These music lessons are for small groups and music student groups. However, if you are interested as an individual, please contact us and we will get in touch with you. 

What the musicians say about a music tour in Prague with Prague Travel Concierge
“Margareta is a specialist in the hidden treasures of Prague. She is very organized, extremely professional and well-connected. She helped our chamber music tour become a great success for our students and parents! Highly recommended!” Chenny G., Junior Chamber Music

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