Spa in Czech Republic

Franz’s Spa Czech Republic

obrázek 4 (6)A perfect place to pamper yourself, spa treatments, curative springs, walks in beautiful parks, concerts at the local theatre!

Founded in 1793 as the village of Emperor Franz of Austria, Frantiskovy lazne is a pitoresque spa town close to Cheb and Marienbad not far from German border. Initially a rural spa with a single spring known as Františkův pramen (Franz’s Spring), a wooden colonnade, a few spa houses and a Social House soon became one of the most sought-after European spa resorts. The historical centre is surrounded by number of English parks and you can find a building with a plaque comemorating Johann Wolfgang Goethe’s stays in Frantiskovy lazne.

The balneological treatment  is based on traditional, scientifically attested treatment methods. Diseases treated in Františkovy Lázně include for example  heart and blood circulation diseases and diseases of the locomotive organs.

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