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10 Prague Cafés plus a secret garden café

Check some of the Prague cafes that have been here for ages, you shouldn’t miss them. Plus we have one secret tip for you – a cafe in the garden of a former publishing house, scroll down to the end of this article and discover this place.

Breakfast with Kafka

Kavarna Obecni dům(Municipal House Cafe)  by itself is an Art Nouveau gem, so it is worth to book a tour of the Municipal House after enjoying your breakfast. The entire building is a reminder of the good old Prague Grand Cafe atmosphere (20s and 30s of 20th century) and Belle Epoque style. It is one of the most famous Cafes in Prague, together with Cafe Slavia(opposite the National Theatre)  and Cafe Louvre(at the crossroad of Narodni trida and Spalena street). Louvre Cafe serves coffee since 1902. It was one of the favorite places of Franz Kafka and Albert Einsteinduring his stay in Prague. If you like cubism, the only architecture style invented in Czechoslovakia (in the beginning of 20th century), you should visit The Grand Cafe Orientat the Black Madonna Houseat Ovocny trh 19and its hidden cafe on the first floor.

Cafe Imperial– another famous Prague Cafe, interesting Art Deco interior with tiled walls from floor to ceiling. Café Savoyat Vitezna 5, just across the bridge from the National Theatreserves one of the best breakfasts in Prague. It is a busy place with a feel of a French bistro, a bit noisy but real Prague.

Another place just few steps off Café Savoyis Café Loungein the basement of the Hunger Wall Residence. Their coffee is famous as well as Czech sweets such asbuchty or kolache(a sweet bun filled with sweet cheese or plum jam). Get a table in a patio on a summer sunny day. You better book your breakfast table, they got a bit spoiled lately given their ranking among Prague cafes but still worth a visit. It would not be a complete list without mentioning the Alchymista cukrarna(sweet shop) at Letna, Prague 7 where you get a great coffee and home made cakes. It is a place with an atmosphere of good old times (I don’t mean good old times before 1989 but rather good old times before 1939 – which I don’t remember). As much as it is nice in winter, nothing can beat their garden during a sunny late spring or summer day.

Another place not to be missed is Cafe Adria– just look at the rondo-cubist masterpiece (read more on my Prague blog) Palais Adria at the end of Narodni street, enter the passage and go up the stairs to the first floor and you will discover a summer terrace – my personal view, I would not go in winter, as the terrace is the place to enjoy. And my personal tip when you get back to Narodni street – look up to the roof of this monumental building – you will see a beautiful sculpture of Adria by Jan Štursa.

If you want to experience a bit of the glamour of what we Czechs call First Republic (1918 – 1939), look in the Cafe Lucernaat Lucerna Palace in Vodickova street. Yes, it is worn out but it shows the famous Cafe where the First Republic movie stars stopped by for coffee and drink. It was the place to be seen, as Havel’s family (yes the family of former Czech President, Vaclav Havel) had their private movie theater.

And here is the secret garden cafe…

Super Tramp Coffee may well be one of the secret tips in Prague. It is nestled in a hidden courtyard of once famous Prague publishing house (1884). It is hard to find it and I recommend using the entrance from Opatovicka street No. 18, just don’t give up and keep going through the courtyard. You will be rewarded by a great coffee, little snacks and secret garden. If you feel like specialty tea and bio wines, you got your place.

Interested in more tips for your Prague trip?

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