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Secret second hand book stores (ANTIKVARIAT) of Prague – (Part I)

Wherever I travel, I always look for second hand book stores. I like 1 hour instant payday loans them. Old books that can tell stories. It would not be Prague without many second hand book stores – Antikvariat – in Czech. Some of these shops look like a set for a movie or they make you feel like you are entering a completely different world.

The one, well hidden “anitkvariat”  that I really like is Podzemni antikvariat – Underground second hand bookstore in Czech. I will admit that I did not know about it but then a friend of mine told me „You have to go there, it is interesting.” It is located at Hybernská street 22, opposite the side entrance to the Masaryk railway station. The street by itself is nothing special, many cheap and unattractive stores. But look for No. 22 and enter into the building. Yes, you will see bizarre paintings on the walls and ceiling but keep going and follow the ANTIKVARIAT signs. There is a staircase leading down to the bookstore and there it is – books, boxes of books, books on the tables, books on the floor, everywhere. And old drawings, paintings, old postcards, posters, junk, just look around. No matter whether you want to buy an old Czech book (look for the locked glass cabinet in one of the rooms), enjoy the very Prague atmosphere or you will like one of the „artworks“, it is a place worth of a visit. I saw couple of English language books, too.

Podzemni antikvariat, Hybernska 22, Praha 1


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