Prague Architecture Tour


Prague architecture tour is approximtely 3-hour walk with one of our guides – architectural enthusiasts. Prague is well known for its most visible monuments and many architectural styles ranging from gothic to baroque. However, Czechoslovakia enjoyed a great era of modernism and functionalism, styles that arose in the 1920s, greatly influenced by , that sought to strip away all unnecessary ornamentation from a building, leaving just clean, horizontal lines and spare but pleasing boxy shapes.

The cities of Prague, Brno and Zlin (seat of and his business) were considered the European centers of architectural avant-garde in 20’s and 30’s of the 20th century attracting the top architectural talent of that time in Czechoslovakia. Arguably, the best functionalist building in Prague is the 1928 Veletrzní hall, originally built as an exhibition space for trade fairs and now housing the National Gallery’s Museum of 20th and 21st century art. There are number of buildings such as Manes exhibition hall, architect Gocar cubist bank buildingMuller private villaBata’s department store as well as the the famous villa Tugendhat in Brno.

If you are interested in architectural gems of Prague, whether gothic, barock, art nouveau or modernist, we will be happy to arrange an architectural tour of Prague or Brno. You can contact us with more details about your interests.

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